The explosive annual Diwali *dance* performance by our little Broncos is just around the corner, and time is ticking. With only a few days left to prepare, here is the schedule for the practice sessions.

We encourage all interested kids to attend every session. Please note that the last two sessions, scheduled for *Saturday (Nov 11th) and Sunday (Nov 12th), are mandatory* as we will be assigning their positions during these sessions (If for some reason you cannot  attend the mandatory classes. Please reach out to us on Konstella).

We will meet you at the school's flagpole for practice. For future communications related to practice videos, venue, dress code, props, or any questions you may have, we will be using the Konstella group #Diwali2023. *Please ensure that you register yourself for this group.*

Nov 4th - Saturday 3pm-4pm
Nov 5th - Sunday    10am-11am
Nov 6th - Monday    3:15pm -4:15 pm
Nov 7th - Tuesday    3:15pm -4:15 pm
Nov 8th - Wednesday    1:45pm -2:45 pm
Nov 9th - Thursday    3:15pm -4:15 pm
Nov 10th - Friday    11am -12pm
Nov 11th - Saturday    3pm-5pm
Nov 12th - Sunday    10am-11am


For any questions, please email Soudhamini at soudhamini.rajanna@gmail.com

Positions (1/3 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 2 / 2

Dancers Signed Up: 27 / 50

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Diwali Decorations Volunteer Signed Up: 3 / 6

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