Holiday Store Thank You
Tue, Dec 17 10:44pm

Good Day Brunswick Acres, 


The PTO would like to give a special thanks for the new and returning volunteers of the holiday store.  It was another success.  We hope that the students and the people they shopped for enjoy their items. 

The students have a fantastic time shopping every year.  Now, the volunteers and I try to help each child with their purchases.  I know I stopped a cute 1st grader from buying a Melissa/Doug activity book for his 12 year old sister and was able to direct him to a more age appropriate gift.   We also saved a father from getting silly putty as a holiday gift.  So many cute stories I can tell you of OUR children.

As we have completed 3 years of the holiday store, I have noticed that the children are planning their purchases and their lists better.  They are more on target with shopping and they are making good choices.  They also get some real experiences using money- I always make them add their purchases and figure out how much change they are supposed to get back.  


Last but not least, I would also like to thank the teachers and our principals for their overall partnership throughout the entire process. Without them, it would not be possible.


Thanks again,