Important Picture Information
Tue, Oct 30 10:26pm
Brunswick Acres Elementary

Picture retake day is November 14.

If you are a new student, absent on October 3, or didn’t have your picture taken, come down during your scheduled time. You can bring your order form with you to order pictures after your picture is taken.

If you would still like to order pictures, go to the studio’s website, enter your online code or keyword. That is another way of saying enter the student id from Genesis. It will them ask you to enter your email address. After that the pictures will appear and you can follow the instructions to order a picture. But some of the pictures might cost more money and you will have shipping charges to have the picture mailed.

Or wait until November 14. Have your student walk down to the gym in the morning and hand me the order form and money. It will be processed that day under the discounted price and be delivered free to the school. When it comes in I will deliver it to the classrooms.

If you bought a package before and don’t like the picture, bring it will you on retake day. You must bring it with you on November 14. Do not turn it into the office. Your child will bring it with them during their schedule picture time. A new picture will be taken and a new package will arrive some time afterwards.