Kiststuff Coupon Books
Thu, Sep 27 6:28pm
Brunswick Acres Elementary
Good evening, families!
As the KidStuff fundraiser progresses, I'd like to remind you all about some great reasons to consider purchasing one:
1. The PTO earns half the purchase price as profit
2. The profits go towards funding many great programs: educational cultural assemblies at school, grants to school departments such as music, arts, gym, library, co-sponsors class field trips, etc
3. Using just a few coupons will recoup the cost of the book
If you returned yours but would like to purchase one, it's not too late! Send in a check for $25, in an envelope marked "KidStuff" with your child's and teacher's names. We will send one home for you.
The last of the books should be sent home Friday September 28. Please purchase or return them ASAP!
Thank you for supporting your children's PTO!