Picture Day October 10th, some helpful tips
Mon, Oct 7 7:10am


  • If you did not get a form or have misplaced it. There are additional copies left in the office. You can stop by during office hours and collect it from there. Or ask your child to tell the teacher and they can collect them from the office
  • There are multiple pre-packaged options that you could pick from, pricing from $16 to $58 or more
  • Class picture worth $10 is included with any of the packages. If you don’t like the packages you can buy the class picture only and/or get Add-ons with it
  • There are many Add-ons listed on the forms
  • If you plan to pre-pay online, visit – www.bnlschoolpictures.com enter the code 6G4P2Y9 and login. Don’t forget to print the receipt and put it in the envelope of the picture form and return to school with your child’s name, Class and teacher’s name on top of the envelope on 10/10
  • Always remember to detach the information page from the envelope, it is handy to have that information till you get the pictures in your hand. In case you have any questions, it has the contact information of the picture company.
  • Please remember to seal the envelope so that the content like check, cash or the online paid receipt do not get misplaced. Also do not forget to put your Child’s name, Class and Teacher’s Name and other information as requested by BNL on the envelope
  • If you have any questions call 877-265-6366 or 732-414-2115 or have an online chat @ www. bnlschoolpictures.com with customer service