Scholastic Book Fair
Sat, Mar 17 5:44pm
Brunswick Acres Elementary

We only had 3 people yesterday  to set up Bookfair. We need more volunteers!!
The Bookfair is all set up! A special thank you to Stephanie Korte Trela and Janine Meizenis for helping out.  Folks, events like this are only possible if we have volunteers to run them. If we do not have enough volunteers to fill all the slots for the Bookfair sadly we will have to close it during those hours. So please...donate if only an hour of your time and help run this event. Thank you in advance.
Bookfair next week
Monday-browse day- students can write out a wish list
Tuesday-shopping 9:15-8pm (pending we have volunteers to work those hours)
Wednesday-shopping 9:15-3:30 (pending we have volunteers to work those hours)
Please stop by and check out the Bookfair in the Library.