Trunk or Treat
Thu, Oct 11 12:14pm
Brunswick Acres Elementary

Trunk or Treat Details and Tips

  • Trunk decorating is NOT mandatory in order to participate in this event. ALL TRUNKS WELCOME!
  • Decorating families are responsible for decorations, candies and/or treats (Please do not feel the need to go crazy decorating. Simple and cost effective is fine. The kids love the event regardless of how elaborate the trunks are decorated!
  • Expect about 100 kids to come visit your trunk.
  • If you are able to walk to Trunk or treat, please do so as the parking lot will be occupied. If you need to drive, please find street parking.
  • Let’s try and be festive…so everyone please dress up in costume.
  • PARENTS: TO BE FAIR, PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILDREN TO ONLY GO TO EACH TRUNK ONE TIME. It is unfair that some children may miss out on candy and treats because others have doubled back and taken double treat. So, let’s work together in ensuring that each child enjoys a treat from each trunk!!!