Ballots arriving THIS WEEK - please vote YES on Measure B!
Wed, Apr 5 11:19am
Bubb Elementary

Hello Bubb Families,

Apologies for multiple messages, but this is VERY IMPORTANT.  We really need Measure B to pass, or painful cuts will directly affect Bubb.  34 positions across the District are at risk, including our librarians, office clerks, and janitors.  In addition, our awesome new Bubb Science Teacher program will be at risk.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you want to keep our new Science Teacher program, our Bubb Library, and our awesome office and janitorial staff:

  1. Look out for your Measure B ballot in the mail this week.
  2. Mark Yes on B.
  3. Sign, date, add your address and mail back your ballot right away!

If your ballot does not arrive the week of April 3rd, please contact the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters at (408) 299-8683 or click here.

We need 2/3 of voters to vote YES (not an easy task), so please do all you can to help.  Thank you for your continued support of all our schools and students!

:) Amy

Join us at an upcoming phone bank.

Endorse Measure B.  Bubb PTA did! 

Donate to our grassroots campaign. 

Like our Facebook page.