Bubb Fit and Fun 5K TOMORROW (Sat. Mat 11th) 9:10am race start
Fri, May 10 1:40pm
Bubb Elementary

Hi All,


This is one last reminder that our 7th annual Bubb Fit and Fun Run is tomorrow. It's a very relaxed event and all members of the family are welcome. You can walk, run, ride in a stroller, etc.... through the course. The course is comprised of 5 laps around Bubb School and Bubb Park. Each lap is about 1k. At the end of each lap, you get a bracelet. Some kids and families only do a lap or two and some do all five. 


While walking or running, the kids can chase after Bubb Cubs and if they tag a Bubb Cub, they get a treat! There are also some treats labeled with numbers for getting a special prize at the end. 


Sign ups will start about 8:45 and race will start about 9:10.

Water jugs and cups are provided and an after race "snack" is provided as well. 


Where: By the Peace Tree / Office 

When: 8:45 - 11ish (or whenever your family is done / needs to leave)

COST: $10 per person (all proceeds go to Bubb PTA)

**Parents, you must stay with your child. 

**Every participant will also be asked to sign a waiver before beginning the race. 


Ms. Stout, Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. Hamor, and I look forward to seeing you there! There might be some other special teacher guests too! 


As always, thanks for supporting the Bubb PTA!