Bubb Lost and Found for 2018-19
Wed, Sep 5 2:13pm
Bubb Elementary

A message from our Lost & Found coordinator:


All clothes, lunchboxes and water bottles found around campus can be picked up from the Lost and Found shelves at the end of the classroom block near the Peace Tree.
At the end of each trimester all unclaimed items are donated to local charities. An email reminder will be sent out before the end of each trimester.
If you have any questions about Lost and Found please email Sandra at smbwang@gmail.com
Did you know that every year Bubb Lost and Found donates around 15-20 black trash bags of coats, jackets and clothes to local charities that are not picked up from Lost and Found?. The majority of items are not labeled or labeled with a Sharpie (which is not legible after washing). We also have to throw out many lunch bags and water bottles that are not labeled. If items have the childs full name or a phone number that are legible then I can return the item, this rarely happens.
Clearly labeling items while keeping personal information to a minimum is not easy. A former Bubb parent has brought us an app+sticker system that seems promising.
The system we want to try is called Lola Tag  (lolatag.com). It has washable peel and stick stickers for the parents’ convenience. You register your stickers with a text and when I locate the item I am able to text you to notify you. The stickers will be available at Back to School Night for pickup.
You can pick up a 20-sticker sheet that night for $5. This includes a 50% school-wide discount. The company will also donate a portion of the proceeds to the PTA. You can use the discount code BUBB to also purchase the stickers online from lolatag.com.
Thank you,