MVWSD Budget Reductions
Thu, Feb 7 11:03am
Bubb Elementary

Dear Bubb families,


Our school district is proposing to cut several million dollars from the budget next year to prevent dipping further into its reserves. Please review the district's proposal here:


We encourage you to review the entire presentation, but in particular, please carefully read the “Updated Recommendations” starting on page 30. As you review, take note of the changes that affect staff, resources, and programs that you value. We ask that you communicate with the MVWSD Board of Trustees about the funding areas you think the district should prioritize.


Specific sections we think you should review carefully:


- (page 34): “Textbook adoptions (Social Studies and Science) will be contingent on excess property tax (above projections).”

- (page 36): “Delay in planned textbook adoptions over 2 years"

Adoption of new Science textbooks and teacher training that comply with New Generation Science Standards would be delayed. Adoption of new Social Studies textbooks and teacher training would also be delayed.


- (page 33): ”each elementary site’s Library tech will provide a week of coverage at Vargas Elementary (1 week every 9 weeks)”

The district staff initially recommended eliminating all library techs. (This is Mrs. Hatakeda at Bubb.) In the revised recommendation released on Monday, the existing library staff in the district would keep their jobs, but no one would be hired for the position at the new Vargas Elementary School. Instead, the current library staff from the existing district schools would rotate through the Vargas library.


- (page 32): “Eliminate 2 SCEF positions”

Bubb would no longer have a dedicated School Community Engagement Facilitator (“SCEF”). Bubb’s facilitator is Eb Lopez. Two SCEF positions would be eliminated. Two facilitators would  then be shared across Bubb, Huff, Landels, Stevenson, and Vargas.


How to share your priorities:


- Email the MVWSD board today. Board members are very responsive to email:


- Email the superintendent, Dr. Ayindé Rudolph: The superintendent will also be at tomorrow’s Principal’s Coffee at 8:00 AM in the Bubb MUR.


- Attend tonight’s school board meeting, taking place at the Graham MUR. The meeting starts at 6:00 PM, but the budget discussion is scheduled to be after the open session resumes at 7:00 PM. ( You can also view the board meeting online through a live feed or in a recorded video later:


The full schedule of meetings of the Board of Trustees is on the district web site: Agendas are usually posted on the Friday before the meeting.


We encourage you to get involved in the school district and to speak up about issues that matter to you.



Lisa & Amy

PTA President and EVP