The Bubb PTA needs YOU!
Tue, Feb 12 11:11am
Bubb Elementary

The Bubb PTA needs YOU!

Join next year’s PTA Executive Board! Serving on the board is a great way to learn about and help decide how PTA-funded programs at Bubb are implemented. It’s also a wonderful way to connect with fellow parents and school staff.

The Bubb PTA benefits our children by supporting science, math, reading, music, art, PE, and many other programs. Unfortunately, it doesn't run itself. We need a dedicated PTA leadership team and hence we need you! One-on-one training and mentoring will be provided.

The open positions for which there is no current candidate are listed below. If you would like a more detailed preview of a position, we can connect you to the current board member. For more information, please contact Diantha Galli at Thank you!


Membership Coordinator

Time Commitment: 12-15 hours per month at the beginning of the school year; minimal time for the rest of the year.

Job Description:

  • Attend PTA Executive Board meetings (monthly) and general meetings (five times a year)
  • Promote membership and advertise benefits of PTA to Bubb community.
  • Distribute membership forms at beginning of year at important events (ice cream social, first week of school, etc.).
  • Keep a record of all members.
  • Coordinate with the President and include any membership related announcements in weekly Bubb Bulletin.
  • Coordinate with the PTA webmaster and keep membership page (including benefits) current.

Special Skills: familiar with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets



Time requirement: 2-3 hours per month.

Job Description:

  • Attend PTA Executive Board meetings (monthly) and general meetings (five times a year)
  • Accurately records minutes at all Executive Board and PTA General Meetings. Prepares minutes for reference from previous meetings, and prepares listing of all unfinished business for use by the President.
  • With the President, signs all payable list authorizing expenditure of funds and record these expenditures in the minutes.
  • Keeps a current list of paid members and a current copy of the bylaws and standing rules.

Skills needed: Typing and note taking



Time requirement: 10-15 hours per month.

Job Description:

  • Attend PTA Executive Board meetings (monthly) & general meetings (five times a year)
  • Keep accurate financial records of all PTA gross income, receipts and disbursements using QuickBooks.
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements.
  • Write checks for all PTA-sponsored reimbursements, field trips and bills.
  • Prepare financial reports for monthly PTA meetings (Treasurer’s Report).
  • Remit to MVLA PTA Council all reports, payments and dues.
  • Prepare annual financial reports and taxes.
  • Provide financial records to Auditor twice yearly, or upon request.
  • Chair annual PTA budget meeting, and prepare budget for adoption by general membership..

Special Skills: Good with numbers; knowledge of Quickbooks preferred



Time requirement: 5 hours per audit, two audits per year. The time varies if errors are found and a re-audit needs to be done. The Treasurer and Auditor work together to complete this task.

Job Description:

  • Attend PTA Executive Board meetings (monthly) & general meetings (five times a year)
  • Audit the books and financial records of the association semi-annually (usually January and July), verifying the work of the Treasurer. This includes reviewing transactions through all records, ensuring proper accounting for receipts and ensuring expenditures have been authorized in the minutes.
  • After the audit, prepare and present written reports to the Executive Board and the association.

Special Skills: Addition and subtraction are required. A basic understanding of audits is useful, as is familiarity with concepts like accounts payable and accounts receivable. Otherwise, anyone can learn the procedures.

For the complete list of PTA Executive Board positions, please visit the Bubb PTA website. Thank you!