Urgent Need: PTA Treasurer for 2018-19
Tue, Feb 13 12:31pm
Bubb Elementary

The Nominating Committee is still working on filling the proposed slate of PTA officers for 2018-19. For most positions, we have at least one candidate who is being considered, although we are definitely open to hearing from more candidates.


At this point, however, we have no candidates for Treasurer. Treasurer is one of the three required positions for our board. If we don't have a PTA Treasurer candidate identified by the end of this month, we are in danger of having to dissolve our PTA.


Please contact me if you you might be a good candidate for Treasurer, or encourage a friend to contact me at lhudson15@yahoo.com


The position description is below.


Attend all PTA meetings and keep financial records using QuickBooks. Reconcile monthly bank statements, prepare monthly statements, write checks, prepare annual report and taxes, and provide financial records to Auditor. Requires 10-15 hrs/month.