Bubb Site Council

The Konstella Committee for the Site Council was created to help facilitate communication between the Site Council and Bubb parents. Sign up below to receive Site Council agendas and minutes. 


More about Site Council:


Bubb School Site Council is a decision-making, leadership group comprised of the Principal, teachers, classified staff, and parents/community. The SSC plays an important role in the continuous improvement of our students' education by its review, approval, and monitoring of the annual Bubb Site Plan and of categorical monies that fund the plan. Members review and analyze students' performance, ask hard questions, participate in thoughtful discussions, and work on a team with staff and the Principal.

Positions (1/3 filled)

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Site Council Member Signed Up: 8 / 9

Member of the Site Council -- to be added or changed only by the Site Council Chair or Konstella admins.
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Bubb Community Member - Receive Agendas and Minutes Signed Up: 5 / 100

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