Garden Committee

Have a "green thumb"?  Join this group to

- help lead lunchtime garden club with kids in 1st through 5th grades (details below)

- help maintain the school gardens

- provide ideas for garden projects and to donate garden supplies, plants, irrigation help, etc

Our gardens are also used by the Living Classroom, a program whose docents lead classes of all grades for garden excursions, observations and planting. The Living Classroom will occupy about half of our garden beds. Their first visits are Sept. 27th so the kindergarten and Bubb garden by the YMCA must be ready by Sept. 23rd.


Lunchtime Garden Club:

A short survey will be sent Monday morning, please respond so we can determine the start week of lunchtime garden club.

Lunchtime garden club lasts about 15 minutes at the start of lunch when students normally have their play portion (play first, then eat). Each classroom will receive 2 or more garden passes that are rotated weekly among students in each class.

- 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades visit from 11:50-12:05

- 4th and 5th grades visit from 12:20-12:35

We need to know your availability for garden club and your preferred grades because that will determine which day each grade can come to the garden, and if we can offer more than 2 garden passes per class. That info will be obtained by the survey.


Principal Cyndee said it is fine for younger siblings to be in the Bubb garden with the volunteer parent. We will figure out a way for this to work, together, so please do participate in lunchtime garden club with your toddler or baby,  if you are interested in this activity.


Garden Status as of Sept. 9th

  • The kindergarten garden needs to be cleared and organized, then soil applied.  Stay tuned for event invitation Sunday, Sept. 18th, we have 1 volunteer who can only garden on weekends. This garden has 8 beds.

  • The Bubb garden is beside the on-site YMCA and is almost ready, it only needs soil which will be ordered soon, and minor weeding. This garden has 13 raised beds and 3 fence lines. Eight of our volunteers did a great job on Friday to prepare it! Thank you so much to those who participated. 

  • The California native garden is the last priority, it just needs weeding. It is located between the MUR and the back of room 12.


We have a budget of $700 from the PTA. Our main priority and cost is buying soil/compost because the beds are in desperate need.  We have a lead on soil/compost already and Ed has done calculations to determine how much we need, many thanks to him for all his work.

We also needed to buy replacement parts to fix irrigation that was incomplete or not working which contributed to the drought conditions along one of the fences at the YMCA garden. I'll prepare a spreadsheet and share that with you this week for your comments, suggestions, etc.  as expenses should be discussed.


I'm very excited to get our kids to experience gardening and to work with you because many hands make light work, and I absolutely love the Bubb community.

Last but certainly not least, I wish to thank Ed, Maggie, Ingrid and Birgit for their hard work in the garden and for their advice leading up to the garden prep day which was Friday 9/9.  Without their assistance and guidance, it would not be looking as good as it does now.


Thank you so much for your expressed interest in the gardens!

If you are interested in sharing the Chairperson responsibilities to organize garden activities, please do let me know. 

Cindy Chow (mom of kindergartener Lucas and 2nd grader Makena) 


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