Garden Committee

Smell Bubb’s Flowers!

Did you know Bubb has it’s very own secret garden? It’s location is no secret 

but it’s hidden treasures are!  With your help we can uncover Bubb’s Garden secrets!  


The Bubb Garden is located on Barbara Avenue behind the YMCA building

WHEN including Special Events:

  • Garden Beautification Day Friday September 7th from 1:30-4:30pm.  Cut back overgrown plants and clear out space for new growth to help prepare the garden space for this year’s Living Classroom lessons. On Barbara Avenue behind the YMCA building.  Adult help requested.  Students must be accompanied by an adult.  If you have tools/pruners please bring them.  Water and fruit will be available whenever you need a break.  Bring your friends! Thank you!
  • Decorate the Garden & Paint Signs TBD.  We’ll be at the Garden on Barbara Avenue behind the YMCA building.  Students must be accompanied by an adult.  More details on its way!
  • Beginning September 10th Regularly on Mondays 1:35pm-3:30pm.  Make new friends, dig for bugs, use garden tools to prune plants, pull undesired volunteer plants (weeds), rake and sweep up leaves, plan what’s growing this season, plant seeds and seedlings, brainstorm garden projects and simply enjoy the campus garden.  


  • It’s fun to get your hands dirty, make friends, get your vitamin D, grow food & flowers and beautify campus!
  • Our gardens are also used by the Living Classroom, a program whose docents lead classes of all grades for garden excursions, observations and planting.

Welcomed Donations:

  • vegetable plant starters
  • seeds
  • hand pruners (5)
  • knee pads (10)

The PTA has a garden budget of $500 covering the gardens’ soil and irrigation costs. Thank you for funding the PTA!

In the Garden’s Future:

  • Are you handy?  Do you have tools at home to create critter cages to protect growing plants in the garden beds?  Please email/text Liz for dimensions, etc.  
  • Irrigation Maintenance (alternate critter proof system)
  • Lunchtime Garden Club

Lunchtime garden club lasts about 15 minutes at the start of lunch when students normally have their play portion (play first, then eat). Each classroom will receive 2 or more garden passes that are rotated weekly among students in each class.

- 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades visit from 11:50-12:05

- 4th and 5th grades visit from 12:20-12:35


Thank you for your help in revealing Bubb’s Garden secrets!

Liz Lee

Mama to 3rd grader Caedence & Kinder Emythia


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