Bugbee PTO donations and fundraising
Wed, Oct 14 1:38pm
Hi everyone,
This year the PTO would like to do what we’ve done for years--support and enrich the educational experience of our children both in and out of the classroom setting.  Typically, we would have a rosy financial outlook after collecting PTO membership dues in September and from successful fundraising events held throughout the year. But nothing is typical this year, including our PTO budget, which will likely run as a deficit for the first time in recent memory. 
Why do we need money this year? The easy answer is for the small things that make our kids feel happy and connected to their community. We would love to buy pumpkins for the fall celebrations planned in classrooms, fund safe social activities in and out of the classroom, or even help the school buy enough plastic enclosures around desks when distancing is not possible during indoor lunch breaks. Right now we cannot do any of these things. Our budget focuses on the “non-negotiable” items like paying our accounting fees and funding scholarship commitments; it leaves no money for the stuff that just brings smiles and joy. For these reasons, you will see the PTO starting to fundraise again. Please do not feel like you have to participate in any of these campaigns; we are offering these fundraising opportunities after receiving feedback from some in our community who said they would miss the Lyman pies, loved the quality of the gift wrap from Charleston Wrap, or even from kids who have outgrown their “Bugbee clothes” from last year. Some in the Bugbee community asked about monetary donations in lieu of membership dues. If this is something your family is able to do, we sincerely appreciate your voluntary contribution. Any amount is welcome and will make a big difference in what we are able to do for our school this year. Contributions can be made via credit card on Konstella: https://www.konstella.com/app/school/594eb70ee4b039b99f6df916/donations/5f553591dafa1b328717204f. The PTO recognizes for many in our community, these are not easy economic times and that is why we are sincerely grateful for any financial support your family feels able to make to our organization. 
Many thanks, in advance, for supporting the Bugbee PTO!
Allison Freeman
co-President, Bugbee PTO