Don't forget - Square 1 Art is VIRTUAL this year!
Wed, Oct 14 3:04pm

Hi everyone!  I hope that you are all well and that your children are having a great start to the school year!  By now everyone should have received a copy of the Square 1 Art letter from Mrs. Bianco, along with the paper for your students to use for the project. 


For those new to Bugbee, or those who like me seem to have forgotten everything that happened pre-pandemic, Square 1 Art is a fundraiser where your child creates a piece of art, and you can then purchase a variety of keepsakes and gifts that feature that art!  It is perfect for holiday gifts for friends and family, and for having your own memento that includes your child's work.  This is a very popular fundraiser here at Bugbee, and we have had great success with it over the last few years.


This year, just as with so many other things, we are changing it up a little!  As Mrs. Bianco's letter explains, unlike in past years when students created their art at school, this year your child can draw his or her piece at home; you can use the paper provided or paper from home, and then caregivers can upload the artwork themselves.  Once you finish the upload, you can start shopping for any number of fun items (coasters!  trivets!  mugs!).


As always, participation is strictly voluntary; if you would like your child to create a piece of art, please upload the piece by October 26th to  Detailed instructions are included in the letter your child brought home, but the process is easy - if you have any further questions please contact me (  Product orders will be made online as well, and the deadline for those orders is November 30th


Sales from Square 1 Art have raised much-needed funds for Bugbee over the last several years, and we hope that we can once again run a successful fundraiser; that said, please remember that this is an optional activity!  Thanks in advance for your help and support!


- Stacey Mayer