Family Breakfast October 11
Bugbee Elementary School

This is a reminder email that the annual Bugbee Continental Breakfast is happening this Friday, October 11th in the Cafeteria.  Tickets will be passed out this week. If you did not get a tickets, but rsvped please email Sarah and Kathy.

Please note if you are in the first seating you may not leave your child unattended before the school day begins and you must exit the cafeteria to make room for the second seating.

Our menu will include:


French toast casserole

scrambled eggs, bagels

gluten free, dairy free, and nut free muffins







* If you have an allergy that was not covered by the above list please let us know by emailing Kathy or Sarah. We will make sure you are accommodated, but will need to know in advance. 


If you have any specific allergies or questions, please contact:  Kathy Frisoli ( or Sarah Laskowski (


First Seating 7:30-8:00 --please enter number attending Signed Up: 25 / 55

Sign up

Second Seating 8:00-8:30 --please enter number attending Signed Up: 35 / 35