Fill-a-Bus Food Drive begins TOMORROW!
Mon, May 31 12:52pm

Hi everyone!  The Fill-a-Bus Food Drive begins tomorrow!  Please see below (or consult the flyer that came home with students) for the list of assigned days and food items.  On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (the assigned days for K-3rd grade), a table will be set up on the grass off the side of the sidewalk leading from Asylum Ave. to Bugbee.  On Friday, the table will move up near the basketball court for the 4th and 5th graders.  Students can drop off their items on their way into school.  ***Please note: Kids Link students, or anyone else who is dropped off early, may either give their items to their classroom teacher or drop them off at the front office.


Thanks so much - I'm grateful for our generous Bugbee community!

- Stacey




Bugbee School’s Fill-a-(much smaller)-Bus Food Drive 2021 - June 1st-4th!


Each Spring, the Bugbee community joins together to donate food to the West Hartford Food Pantry, filling an entire school bus with our donations!  Due to Covid restrictions, we are not able to hold our usual event this year.  The need for food, however, is more critical than ever, and we have come up with a modified plan so that we can still help our neighbors by loading up the food pantry shelves!  


This year, each grade level will be assigned 2 types of food items from the pantry’s “most in demand” list, as well as a specific day to bring in those items.  We ask that if families are able to donate, please have each student only bring 1-2 items of the assigned types of food on their given day.  (**If your family would like to donate but it is not feasible for you to donate the assigned food for your child's grade, we welcome any of the other items listed below. These are the only foods that the food pantry is currently accepting.  Please also remember that we cannot accept expired food items, or items in “family pack” sizes.)  


A table will be set up outside Bugbee (the specific location for each day will be announced at the end of May), and children can drop off their items on the way into school in the morning.  We hope that by streamlining the process, we can make an impact and give help where it is most needed.  Please see below for the schedule and item list.  If you have any questions, please email Stacey Mayer (  Thank you for your help feeding our community!



Grade level

Food Items

Tuesday June 1


Macaroni & cheese

Canned pasta (“spaghettios”)


Wednesday June 2

1st grade


Pasta sauce


Thursday June 3

2nd grade


3rd grade





Baked beans

Cold cereal



Rice (1 pound packages)




Friday June 4

4th grade



5th grade

Peanut butter

Canned fruit/applesauce


Peanut butter

Canned fruit/applesauce