Mitten Run Final Countdown - If We Reach Our Goal, Everyone Gets and Extra Recess!
Mon, Dec 3 11:08am
Bugbee Elementary School

The countdown to our Mitten Run is on! Be sure your child is dress appropriately. They will spend their recess on Tuesday participating in the Fun Run. We are still looking for volunteers to help out. We do need some extra bodies.

Congratulations to the 2nd Grade for being the first to raise $500!

We put a goal of $5,000, which will support many important enrichment programs, including 'Artist-in-Residence,' grade-specific enrichment activities, equipment, field trips and the purchase of equipment and supplies that enhance our school.

If we can raise the $5,000 Mrs. Brouse wants to give everyone an extra recess (but don't worry 2nd graders, you'll get 'two' extra recesses).