Postgame Skate Instructions @ Wolf Pack
Sat, Mar 5 2:35pm

Pardon the additional email. Final instructions were just given regarding the Postgame Skate with the Hartford Wolf Pack!! 

“The skate will take place postgame everyone must bring their own ice skates; everyone must keep their skates at their seat during the game. If participants want to bring helmets that is fine however, Hockey sticks or pucks will NOT be allowed.
Everyone participating MUST have a signed waiver to hand to management before they go onto the ice or they will not be allowed to participate. 
Participants will need to meet management over at the guest services desk once the game is complete and will then be led down the staircase so they can put their skates on. The Postgame skate will last for 30 minutes.” 
Please let us know if you have any additional questions and we can reach out to management!