Spotlight Meeting: Love & Logic
Thu, Nov 2 7:00pm
Bugbee Library
1 day before

Please use this google form to note your planned attendance at this event. RSVP is not required but always appreciated.  

Our focus this year is “The Power of Connection.” How can we utilize guiding principles to nurture healthy relationships that promote the academic and personal well being ofour students? Bugbee is implementing Love  & Logic Guiding Principles  and "The Empathy Advantage." Join Principal Brouse to learn more about how these two concepts can strengthen our ability to develop responsible children with strong interpersonal and academic skills.

Our first event will be a Spotlight presentation on November 2nd at 7 p.m. in the Bugbee Library, with an introduction to the Love & Logic guiding principles for fostering healthy relationships and responsible children. Refreshments will be served and babysitting is provided!