Square 1 Art Returns to Bugbee!
Sat, Oct 23 3:12pm

Hi everyone!  The Square 1 Art fundraiser is BACK!  Before you put those wallets away after buying Lyman pies, and more wrapping paper that you don't really need, please check out the awesome products you can purchase at Square 1 Art.  

A little background for those new to the fundraiser: your student has been hard at work for the last month creating a masterpiece in art class (huge thank you to Mrs. Bianco for making that happen!).  Now a reproduction of that artwork is available printed on a huge variety of products, from tote bags to trivets.  These make awesome holiday gifts for your family (although full disclosure - for those celebrating what is a very early Chanukah this year, shipping in time may be tight - even more reason to order now!).  And as a bonus, Bugbee School receives a percentage of the profits, which will provide valuable funds to support teacher grants and other school programs.

The order deadline is November 12; paper catalogs should be arriving in the next week or so and will be sent home with your student, but for those itching to start ordering sooner, you can go to the website now and do an easy search for your child's art. 

IMPORTANT: please be sure to select to have your art shipped to your home address this year.  With some Covid-related restrictions remaining, we will not be able to sort and distribute the pieces at school as we have done in past years.  Thank you for your understanding!

Please contact me at samayer3@yahoo.com with any questions.  Thanks and happy shopping!

- Stacey Mayer