THANK YOU Bugbee Families!
Tue, May 14 1:12pm

Dear Bugbee families,

Thank you for all of your contributions that helped to make Teacher Appreciation Week out of this world!  The hearts of our teachers and staff were (star)bursting when they received the wish list supplies, the student-made books of appreciation, and the personalized gift bags filled with homemade paper stars, plus on-theme candy, snacks, and luggage tags. In addition, the Out-Of-This-World Meal and Super Stellar Breakfast both eclipsed past celebrations because of your incredible donations and support.  Please see the attached photos of what you all helped accomplish last week!

And one last special thank you to Pam Borer, mission commander of the Teacher Appreciation Week crew and the heart and soul behind so much more at Bugbee.  Although Pam may be flying her space shuttle off into a new orbit, her legacy of kindness and generosity will leave a lasting impact on Bugbee School for light years.

We are so fortunate to have such a generous, involved, and committed community of superstars here at Bugbee. It's one of the things that makes Bugbee so unique and such a special place to send our kids every day. Thank you again for all of your support to help end the school year with a big bang. We couldn't have done it without you.


Most sincerely,

Angie, Erin, Pam, and Stacey (who takes personal responsibility for overdoing the exploration and space terminology this year!)