Teacher Appreciation Week Reminders!
Sun, May 1 1:36pm

Happy Sunday!  We just wanted to send a quick reminder about the Teacher Appreciation Week activities - our heads are spinning this time of year, so we are just trying to keep track of everything!


TUESDAY - send in cards for your child's classroom teacher, as well as the "bonus" teachers assigned to your child's class  (the list can be found in the packet of materials sent home earlier)


WEDNESDAY - send in a homegrown or store-bought flower (vases will be waiting in each classroom to collect them)


That's it!  Thank you for your incredibly generous contributions to the supply drive, and for the adorable rays of sunshine that your kids made.  The rays were assembled into a sun for each teacher and will be delivered on Thursday.  ***There's also still time to volunteer to bring in a treat for the breakfast on Friday - see the signup posted here.


Thanks again - we will try to send a last reminder each night for the items to send in the following morning (if we remember!).


- Pam & Stacey