Turkey Trot Reminder and Q&A
Thu, Nov 2 1:40pm

The Turkey Trot is just days away! We are half way to meeting our goal!

It's not too late to collect donations. Every dollar adds up.  Just $10 from family & friends helps contribute to the effort of your class and grade!


Top Fundraisers so far:

Julian Rivera & Jack Griffiths

Ms. Phelan's 4th Grade class!


Please see the Q & A for more information about the Turkey Trot.  Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


This is an opportunity for each grade to start saving for their very last year at Bugbee!  


Money raised by each grade will be saved until their class reaches 5th grade. Special events in the 5th grade typically cost over $10,000 for all students to participate. Fundraising each year will help them earn that special and memorable last year at Bugbee. Over the years, these events have included trips to Lake Compounce and Winding Trails, Nature on Wheels, a yearbook signing party & more. All classes will participate during the school day followed by a sweet treat. There will also be prizes for the top fundraiser and top fundraising class!

Sign up your child's account here to begin fundraising:



Thank you!