Salad Bar

Please sign up here if you would like to help us organize our Bugbee Salad Bar. If you would like to volunteer to serve at the Salad Bar, but prefer not to schedule yourself, please sign up as one of our "Salad Bar Substitutes."  We will only call on you if we have a next day/same day need for volunteers. NOTE: you may schedule and unschedule yourself on the signup, so if you would like to commit to a date and reserve the ability to change your commitment due to work or other conflicts that may arise, please feel free to do so.  In such a circumstance, we would ask that you please notify the Salad Bar organizer.

Positions (1/4 filled)

Chair - Salad Bar Signed Up: 1 / 2

Manage the schedule of the Salad Bar volunteers. Arrange for last minute substitutions as needed.
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Volunteer - Salad Bar Signed Up: 4 / 20

Please include yourself on the Salad Bar Signup and join us here in the Salad Bar Committee as well for any group communications. Thank you!
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Salad Bar Substitute Signed Up: 0 / 6

If you may be available for last minute help at the Salad Bar, please sign up here! We would like to keep a group of Substitutes handy in case we have a cancellation. You will receive a request for help from the organizer and can reply depending on your availability.
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VP Health and Wellness Signed Up: 1 / 1

This is an oversight position. Please include the VP on any important communications.