Community Clean Projects - Tools Needed
Thu, Jan 25 2:49pm

There are a few extra projects we need help with on Saturday. If you're going to be at the community clean and have tools available to help with the projects below, please bring them.

Thank you!


Update: We're also working on a deep clean of the shed due to a rat issue (ugh-yuck!). We could use a shop vac if anyone has one they would be willing to share. 


  • Block holes in shed upstairs to prevent rodents from entering
  • Install new paper towel dispenser in bathroom 
  • Replace valve on lower part of waterway 
  • Disassemble and take down the small wooden cabinet near the amphitheater 
  • Put new pedals and handlebar grips on two bikes  
  • Re-attach scoop to digger and assemble new digger 
  • Tighten kitchen faucet