Sticky Notes - Week of April 8
Mon, Apr 8 3:34pm
Welcome back everyone....We have a lot of information to share with you this week!
Our Pot of Gold Fundraiser
So far, we've collected $220 towards our matching donation goal of $1,750. There's still time to contribute! Please share this with friends, family, and anyone you feel would like to support our amazing school! Any donation is greatly appreciated and will help us maintain the magic that is Bunker Hill.
Fundraising helps us to maintain some of the things we feel make Bunker Hill special and a unique experience for young children and their families. Things like:

  • Low ratios: giving optimal opportunities for coaching social and emotional learning 
  • Targeted time for PreK students to learn in a small group
  • Paying our staff a competitive wage, we love our teachers and strive for staff retention!
  • Maintaining an outdoor learning environment like no other in the bay area
  • Fall and spring social gatherings for families
Donations can be made by check, cash, Zelle, or 
April Community Clean/Family Commitments Make-Up 

Rather than hold the Community Clean on April 20, we will instead be creating a list of tasks that need to be completed for families to sign up for. This will help families who are required to do their second community clean and/or have missed a membership meeting. We'll email each family this week to remind you if either of the above applies. Please let Tiffany know if you have any questions. 


Quail Eggs 

Our quail eggs were placed in the incubator on March 29 and are expected to begin hatching next Monday! Please help us teach the children to not go beyond the taped area so that we can protect the eggs. 


Future Class Enrollments 
It’s the season to enroll in Summer Camp, Bonus Bunker (April), Baby Bunker, and 2024-2025 school year classes! Please check Jovial to enroll:  


*Baby Bunker (April 13 and 27)

Our first session of Baby Bunker begins this Saturday. Please ask Tiffany if you have any questions. Registration is available in Jovial. 

*Bonus Bunker 

Bonus Bunker is on for April 12, 19, and 26th! 


*Summer Camp

The early registration discount ends on April 30th. Beginning May 1, the price will increase to $450 per session.


Building Safety

A few mornings we've noticed that doors have been left slightly open or unlocked and/or lights left on. Just a friendly reminder that when you are at Bunker after hours, please make sure that doors are closed tight, and lights are turned off before you leave. Thank you!


What’s Coming Up?  
4/10 Board Meeting @ 7:00
4/15-19 Volunteer Appreciation Week 

4/17 3Day Field Trip to Trader Joe's

4/29 PreK Field Trip to Elkus Ranch

4/30 Last Day to Enroll in Summer Camp at a Discounted Rate


Snack Schedule Week of 4/15 

2Day – Tuesday (Oliver C.), and Thursday (Oliver R.)    

3K – Monday (Juno), Wednesday (Hannah), and Friday (Lenny)

Please email Tiffany by Saturday, April 13 with what you plan to serve for snack.

Laundry Schedule 
Wilson (2Day/PreK)  

When it’s your week to do laundry, you will bring it home on your last school day of the week (Thursday or Friday) and return it on your first school day the following week (Monday or Tuesday).  Please don’t forget to also gather the rags from the yard.  Thank you! 


Quote of the Week 

"In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours." ~Mark Twain