Sticky Notes  Week of May 6, 2024
Sun, May 5 11:37pm


 Make-Up Projects 

Make-Up Projects are due this Friday the 10th! 

End of Year Clean - Google Sheets 

If you have any questions about the tasks, please ask a teacher or Tiffany. Thank you for keeping our school looking great! 



Silent Auction Donations 

We're very excited to gather together for our social on May 15th. The evening will include a silent auction, and all money raised from the silent auction will be used to support future Bunker Hill families who may need tuition assistance. 


Do you have a business or work for a company that may be willing to donate a service or items? 

Would you be willing to host a small gathering to entertain some Bunker Hill families? 

Do you have a special recipe or meal you would be willing to make for a fellow family? 

We would love, and greatly appreciate, any themed baskets, original items, experiences, or other fun ideas as part of our auction. 


Here are some of the items we have so far... 

  • Mani/Bevi party (adults only) 
  • A basket of Bunker Hill themed sensory items 
  • A golf lesson from a former professional golfer 
  • Bug exploring basket (which includes an original crocheted plush made by Teacher Sarah) 
  • Homemade treats (they're delicious!) 
  • Homemade Detroit style pizza (made to order) 
  • Pottery decorated by the children in each class 


Please let Tiffany know if there is anything you would like to donate or if you have any questions. 


Thank you for your support! 



Call for Leaf Litter Help  
We urgently need your help! 🍂 Our Outdoor team has been doing an amazing job at keeping our school looking great but we need extra help in clearing the leaves in the yard! Removing leaves not only keep our yard beautiful but also safe from ticks, which thrive in leaf litter. 


Your help will make a significant difference in creating a safer environment for our children. We have a corded leaf blower (yard shed) and compost yard bags (outdoor green cabinets). 

A few tips that may be helpful:  

  • using both a leaf blower and a narrow rake to move leaves 
  • put a tarp down at the bottom of the hill by the outdoor stage and move leaves downhill onto the tarp 
  • blowing leaves as parallel to the ground as you can to move more leaves and less woodchips 
  • blowing leaves after a rain, as woodchips absorb water and get heavier while the leaves should be lighter and easier to blow off separately 

Any additional tips and tricks to moving leaves off woodchips would be greatly appreciated, please feel free to post on Konstella! Let's work together for the health and safety of our little ones. Thank you for making a difference! 



Future Class Enrollments  
It’s the season to enroll in Summer Camp, Bonus Bunker (May), Baby Bunker, and 2024-2025 school year classes! Space is limited and available on a first come first served basis. Camps are almost full! 2024-2025 classes are filling up! Please check Jovial to enroll:   


Baby Bunker (May 11) 

Our next sessions of Baby Bunker continue in May. Please ask Tiffany if you have any questions. Registration is available in Jovial.  

Bonus Bunker  

Bonus Bunker is scheduled for May 17 and 31!  


Summer Camp 

Camp enrollment is almost full for both sessions! 🎉 Camp will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9am-12pm on these dates:   
     - Session 1: June 18 - 27  
- Themes: Passport to Adventure & Summer Safari 
     - Session 2: July 9 – 18 

- Themes: Space & Summertime Science 



What’s Coming Up?   
5/10 *All make-up projects are due* 
5/13-17 Teacher Appreciation Week 
5/15 Adult Membership Meeting Social at Marvin Gardens (Belmont) 7pm 

5/27 No School—Memorial Day 

6/4 Last Day of 2Day 

6/5 Last Day of 3Day/PreK 

6/7 PreK Graduation 11am-12pm 


Snack Schedule Week of 5/13 

2Day – Tuesday (Silvia), and Thursday (Reva)     

3K – Monday (Rafa), Wednesday (Hannah), and Friday (Wyatt) 

Please email Tiffany by Saturday, May 11 with what you plan to serve for snack. 

Laundry Schedule  
Driscoll (2Day) 

When it’s your week to do laundry, you will bring it home on your last school day of the week (Thursday or Friday) and return it on your first school day the following week (Monday or Tuesday).  Please don’t forget to also gather the rags from the yard.  Thank you!  


Quote of the Week  

"I can imagine no heroism greater than motherhood." ~Lance Conrad