Keyboard class is coming to Cadman
Fri, Dec 8 8:24am
Hi Cadman Parents,
We wanted to make sure you knew that Cody's Keyboard Club was starting on January 4, and give you a quick reminder of how we teach. One of the ways we keep our students engaged is by constantly adding to our song library. The students request the songs they want to learn and we prepare easy "big note" versions for them. The songs may be from movies, video games, theme songs from television shows, or popular hits they hear on the radio  - being able to choose their favorite songs is a big motivator for our students. So is the recital we hold every 8 weeks. New this year: we email home lesson recaps so that "how to practice" is not left up to your children's memory.  
Please visit our website for more information or to read testimonials from other parents  - or call our office at 619-861-7548 if you have questions or to enroll.
Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season! We hope to see you next year!
Joy Julian
Cody's Keyboard Club