Shoparoo Phone App (Hassle-Free Fundraising)
Thu, Sep 21 1:10pm

Turn your shopping receipts into donations for your school. It's as simple as Shop, Snap and Earn.  

Shop at any of your favorite stores and dine at any of your favorite dining locations.  

Snap a picture of your receipt on your phone.

Earn - Shoparoo donates to Cadman Elementary School!


Download the App on your phone from the App Store or Google Play, or click this link to find out more information:

After you download the App, edit your profile to make Cadman Elementary your school and select your child's grade.  

After shopping or dining, open the Shoparoo App and take a picture of your receipt.  The Shoparoo will track the school's progress by grade level and we can watch our earnings grow each day. 

One convenient thing about this fundraiser is that copies of your receipts are available for your viewing for years, so if you even need to return an item to the store, you will always be able to access the image.


Happy Snapping!