Check It Out! Violin Classes through Sacramento Performing Arts Conservatory Being Offered at Cambridge
Fri, Aug 18 4:04pm
Cambridge Heights Elementary

We are excited to announce the opportunity for students to take violin classes after school at Cambridge Heights Elementary. Our partner, the Sacramento Performing Arts Conservatory (SPAC), a non-profit organization, offers the classes. We need at least fifteen interested students to be able to consider this activity. We will have an orientation and registration meeting if we generate enough interest.

Here are the particulars:

  • Grades: 3rd-5th
  • Class Days: Thursdays- Sept. 14- May 24 (No class on minimum days or holidays) Can still attend Saturday classes on those missed weeks.
  • Class times: 2:00-2:45 (45 minutes per session)
  • Location: Multipurpose Room
  • Tuition: $15 per class
  • Payment: Tuition for the full year is due at registration and is non-refundable. Payment plans are available.
  • Violins with bows (used): Can be rented from a music vendor (Kline Music, Skip’s Music, etc.) for approximately $25 per month
  • Violins (used): Can be rented from SPAC for $15 per month (the cost of insurance) Your child will be fitted for a violin at orientation if you rent from SPAC. Unfortunately, they don't have any bows, but parents can purchase one for around $20 or so at the local music stores. They won't need it for a few weeks of classes so this will give parents time to order online or buy at a local store.
  • Music book: About $6 and can be purchased at music store on online.
  • Bonus: Free 40-minute supplementary classes on Saturdays at the Sacramento Performing Arts Conservatory (SPAC) main branch on 44th Street (the old Fruitridge Elementary building).
  • Tentatively scheduling orientation/registration and sizing for a violin on Thursday, Sept. 7 at 2:00 in Mrs. Rogers’s room.  

We hope you take advantage of this great opportunity to give your child a musical foundation. Double the already-great value by attending Saturday classes!

Please indicate your interest below and return this form to the school office by Friday, August 25. Please contact Mrs. Rogers at if you have any questions. Registration forms are available in the school office or on Konstella website.


Parents, please check next to each item, sign, and return to Cambridge Heights Elementary office by Fri., Aug. 25, 2017

______ Yes, I would like to enroll my child for violin lessons for the 2017-18 school year.

             I understand:

______ Cambridge Heights needs 15 students to enroll or the program will not take place.

______ I am responsible to pay for the music lessons and book.

______ I will attend  and bring my child to registration at Cambridge on Thursday, Sept. 7 at                  2:00 so that  he/she can be fitted for a violin.

______ I will obtain (borrow from SPAC or purchase) a violin and bow for my child.


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