Food Waste Recycling Coming to Cambridge! Parent Help Needed During Lunch
Fri, Aug 4 11:35am
Cambridge Heights Elementary

What is

Food Waste Recycling?


  • Governor Brown signed AB1826 (Mandatory Commercial Organic Recycling Law) in 2014 requiring businesses to recycle their organic waste beginning April 2016 and be in compliance by 2019.
  • Organic wastes are:
  • Food
  • Green-leaves and grass
  • Landscaping- pruning, trimming, branches, stumps
  • Non-hazardous wood
  • Compostable paper including food-soiled paper and other      compostable paper
  • Mandatory recycling of organic waste will help reduce greenhouse gas.

 What Does That Mean To Us

at Cambridge?

  • A green (food waste) bin will be added to the blue (paper recycling) and regular garbage cans in the cafeteria. Upon being dismissed, the students will dispose of their trash accordingly.
  • How will they know what is considered food waste? A short assembly on Fri., Aug. 18, put on by Republic Services, will educate the students on what goes in the green food waste bin and how to scrape their food into the bins.


 Wonder What Happens

to the Food Waste After That?


  • Republic Services, the district’s garbage refuse company, will pick up our food waste bins twice a week.
  • They in turn take the food waste to a facility to process food for local pig farms and renewable energy.

 How Can You Help?


  • Parents are needed to assist/remind the students of what goes into which bin during lunchtime during the week of Aug. 21-25 at 11:55 and 12:20. Please contact the office or e-mail Mrs. Rogers at if you can volunteer.
  • Tell your kids why it is important to recycle and be a role model.