Missoula Children's Theatre- Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
Mon, Mar 4
Cambridge Heights Elementary

Please read the following completely!


*If your child is auditioning they will need to be in the MP room from 3:10-5:10


*Immediately following auditions there will be rehearsal. Your child will get their rehearsal schedule at 5:10.


* Some roles will rehearse Monday from 5:30-7:30. Be prepared to feed your child dinner if they need to stay. You will need to pick your child up if they do not need to stay.


* Tuesday - Friday rehearsals will be from 11:20-3:45.  Your schedule will depend on your role. Please pay special attention to when they need to be at rehearsal.


*Saturday- Your child will be at the school from Noon until the play is over.


**It is important that you pack lunch/dinner and plenty of water for these days.