(ACTION REQUIRED) Classroom Assignments for the year 2022-23
Sat, Aug 13 8:09am

Hello Parents!


Welcome to a new school year 2022-23! Teacher assignments have been posted on the Infinite Campus portal.  


Once you receive your teacher assignment, please follow the steps listed here (wed app) or here (mobile app) to move your students to their respective classrooms in Konstella. This is very important for the teachers to be able to communicate with you. 


If you experience any issues or need help, please send an email to konstella@cffaonline.org.

Please do not call the Chadbourne Office as the office staff will not be able to assist with Konstella concerns.


No longer at Chadbourne? Please send us an email at konstella@cffaonline.org and we can remove you from Konstella so that you don't receive any further emails. 


Have a wonderful school year!


Thank you,

Mary Vattavayalil

CFFA Vice President

On behalf of the CFFA Board 2022-23