2nd Grade needs your help!
Wed, Apr 3 2:49pm
Chadbourne Elementary
Hello, Dear Chadbourne Families,
Second Grade needs your help!  As of next Monday - we will have some very hungry silkworms!  Do any of you have a White Mulberry tree? (A Fruitless Mulberry is ok if it is a White Mulberry.)  If so - would you be willing to donate leaves to to our 2nd grade classrooms?  
I know many of the trees are just now sprouting leaves - baby leaves are fine until the bigger leaves grow in.  You can bring whole branches if that is easier for you.  The kids LOVE to pick them from the branches!
Please let me know if you can help!  I will forward your message to our 2nd grade teachers!
Happy Wednesday!
Trudy Wentworth
School Secretary