9/11 Remembrance
Fri, Sep 9 2:35pm

Good Afternoon

Today we had a tribute for those effected during the attacks September 11, 2001.   Please read the following and take a moment to make a crane and share the on Monday in the bucket in front of the office.


Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs. Pedrotti


After the terror attacks in New York City, people left paper cranes at the fence near Ground Zero. Those cranes, along with thousands of others donated by Japanese students, have been added to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. After a devastating tsunami struck Japan in 2011, the 9/11 Families' Association gifted the country an origami crane melded from steel recovered from the World Trade Center, as a symbol of hope in the face of disaster.

Link for Cranes:  CRANES I would love to come to school on Monday to see the cranes you have made.  I will share the link with families and on Monday have a table in the front of the school, with a bin to share your cranes and will display them.