Agenda - CFFA Board Meeting 4/10/2018 - 7 PM - Rm - 1
Mon, Apr 9 11:32pm
Chadbourne Elementary

Greeting Parents !!!


Please join us today for the 8th CFFA meeting for the school year 2017-18 on Tuesday 10th Apr 2018 at 7 pm in Rm-1. 


You can find more details about CFFA Board members duties here:


Here is the agenda for meeting:

  1. President's kick off meeting by welcoming parent community, CFFA Board and new members to be part of election for 2018-19 school year
  2. Election for school year 2018-19, please note  all participant must be present in order to be selected for CFFA board position Attached is statement from each participant sent earlier for your reference. 
  3. Principal's update:
    1. Principal's updates
    2. SSC meeting
    3. Fence project update
    4. General updates like Open House / Testing dates etc.
    5. Any other business.
    6. Anusha to update on her reach out to Great Schools and follow-up Q/A about school rating this year. 
  4. Teacher Representative Update
  5. President's update
    1. Meeting Minutes Approval
    2. Budget Q/A - please review and bring in your questions/clarification
    3. Music Teacher
    4. Safety Patrol Flyer Responses / Next Step?
    5. Any other business
  6. VP updates, if any
  7. Pioneer pledge status for this year collection - Online/By Check (Huiling / Rupesh / Alva ), Quick book updates to audience
  8. Classroom funds status, any other business (Jyothi )
  9. Any other business? 

See you at the meeting !!!



Ishaque Ketekar

CFFA President 2017-18