Thu, Jan 9 6:51pm
God Evening
We are having volunteers from Resonate church coordinating a beautification project at our school this Saturday from 8:30 - 12.
These are the things they are planning on doing.
- pulling weeds
- picking up leaves and removing dead plants
- apply water seal to planters
- sweep walkways
(for this we'll need garbage bags, rakes, brooms, water seal and brushes)
They looked into mulching but this may be a later project.
We are looking for volunteers to come out and help with this project,  I know it is last minute, but if you could come for a small amount of time to make our campus look better that would be great.  I will sign any service hours if you have teenagers to send over.
They are excited to kick-off this project and hope to serve Chadbourne well. 
Thank you for helping Chadbourne
Mrs. Pedrotti


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