Beginning Band Parents _Message from Band Instructor
Mon, Nov 13 2:00pm
Chadbourne Elementary

To Chadbourne Beginning Band Families,


In case you didn't receive the email message from our Band Instructor, Jacob Edwards, I wanted to forward it to you.  See below:


Hi everyone,


Thanks to everyone who came to the first class yesterday. The turn out was much smaller than the amount registered, so I’m hoping there wasn’t too much confusion around the start date!


For those of you who want to review or who missed what we went over yesterday:


-Go to 

-Click on the ‘After School Band’ tab (I will be running the program according to this syllabus)

-Go to Beginning Band Weekly Assignments

-Click on the blue links under the ‘Classwork’ column, watch the videos and review the guidelines.

-The ‘Homework’ column will have follow up information regarding instruments, where to buy them, etc.


There is still some time to decide on instruments since the first few classes are reviewing theory/literacy


The next class is on Thursday 11/16 at 1:15 on account of the early schedule all week.


Thank you!