Best Wishes to our teacher Jennifer Mead
Fri, Jan 14 11:15am

Good Morning, Chadbourne Families,


Our beloved, creative, and innovative Chadbourne 4th Grade Teacher, Jennifer Mead, is moving on to her next adventure.  We will miss her very much and wanted to be sure you know that today will be her last day at Chadbourne. 


Here is an excerpt from a message from Mrs. Mead:

"The new year has brought me to a new personal crossroads. After 32 years in the field of education as a classroom teacher, I am going to be redirecting my efforts.  My husband and my son have been relocated out of state, and I am going to join them in order to reunify my family. My final day at Chadbourne will be January 14, 2022."


Mrs. Mead, 

We wish you well and hope for much happiness in your new adventures!



One of our teachers, Ms. Bozzo, will be forwarding cards or messages from students and families to Mrs. Mead at her new address.  Please feel free to leave any messages from students or families in the School Office next week and Ms. Bozzo will make sure that Mrs. Mead  receives them.




Trudy Wentworth

School Secretary