Bollywood Night Event - it's a HIT!!!!!
Mon, Apr 22 9:47am


Pioneers had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful evening!!!!!!


Bollywood night committee would like to Thank Ms.Pedrotti, School, Office staff and CFFA board  for all their continued support in planning, organizing and executing Bollywood night event at Chadbourne MUR.


We had more than 70 kids showcase their talent and 250 plus audience watch their spectacular dance performances followed by Fashion show, Parents performances and volunteer team performance.


Thanks a ton to event core volunteers, who stood as strong pillars in executing the event of such scale and make it look so effortless. We were able to start the event on time and execute seamlessly. Hats off to you guys, wouldn't have been possible without your relentless effort. Incredible team effort 🙏🏻


Special mention to all our event volunteers, appreciate all your time and commitment in putting up a beautiful show.


Parent Team volunteers worked really hard right from registering teams, scheduling practices, uploading songs, friday rehearsal to having seamless communication with teams and this had really helped in a smooth execution. Kudos for all the support.


Thanks to Ms.Jenny for being sportive and joining us on stage and being there through the entire show.


Thanks to MSJ Student volunteers for all the great support.


Last but always the best, Thanks to all the Participants for showing great enthusiasm and energy, each one of you deserves a great round of applause for all the hard work put in to entertain audiences. Thanks to Parents for all their incredible support.


Three Cheers to all the Chadbourne Parents and families who spent their wonderful evening with us enjoying Bollywood Night.


Thanks to each one of you for making Bollywood Night 2023-2024 a memorable one!!!!!!!


If you have missed event - please find a glimpse of the performances here.


Link to photos:


Signing off until next one !!!!

Deepthi Rangu
Bollywood Night Chair