CFFA Board Need your help!
Mon, May 24 9:43am

Greeting Parents,


CFFA Board need your help!


For next school year we are still looking for 3 new board members to join us and help us with CFFA board activities. No prior experience is required. Current team will get you on board quickly! This is your opportunity to make a difference.


Here is link to sign up:


We have a CFFA board meeting coming up next Tuesday Jun 1st 2021 where Elections will be held. We had to cancel last month's election as we did not have enough members. So appreciate it if you could come forward and participate.


We also have several CFFA sponsored activities chair and volunteer positions open as well. Please sign up based on your interest and passion!


Position description:



The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the group and of the executive board and shall conduct all necessary correspondence of the association. The Secretary shall also lead the management of the classroom donations/teacher reimbursements, to track balances for the individual classroom accounts, assist in processing teacher reimbursements, and work with the Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer in maintaining accurate financial records.


This is the most important position on board as you get to work with teachers directly on a regular basis. We are looking into simplifying this role as well and need fresh ideas in this space


Assistant Treasurer 2:


The Assistant Treasurer shall aid the Treasurer in managing the finances of the board; the Assistant Treasurer shall lead the management of the Pioneer Pledge funds, including tracking donations, issuing receipts, and coordinating the Employer Match donations.


Our current treasurer team has simplified R&Rs and its few hrs involvement every month now. No prior experience is required, training will be provided for this role.



The Historian shall assemble and compile all annual reports and preserve a record of activities and achievements of the association. The historian is also responsible for and maintains awareness of, and may lead, the School Year Book and he/she may form a committee to work on the same. The Historian will also be responsible for maintaining the Board’s website and manage the electronic communications of the Board, including sending messages to the Chadbourne parent population subscribed to the Chadbourne message group(s) or social media forums and maintaining the electronic accounts used by the Board for communication.


This role is super simplified, online website management using google suite, posting meeting minutes for parent community, helping make sure Konstella is upto date and more importantly participating in discussion during monthly CFFA meeting are some of the key R&R which doesn't take more than few hrs a month.


I request you all to come forward and sign up!


Ishaque Ketekar

CFFA President 2020-21