CFFA Elections
Sun, May 5 12:28pm
Chadbourne Elementary

Good Afternoon

On Tuesday May 7th at 7pm in Room 1 we are going to be holding our elections for the board for 2019-2020.  I am going to be adding all the candidates that are running and their statements.  Please feel free to come to our meeting on May 7th at 7pm to cast your vote.


Thank you

Mrs. Pedrotti


  1. President  

-- Jyothi Iyer

“I am Jyothi Iyer, mom of a 5thgrader and a 9thgrader (also a former Chadbourne student). This is my 10thand final year as a Chadbourne parent. By profession I am an environmental engineer and regulatory analyst. During my 10 years at Chadbourne, I have been an active volunteer at school helping my kids’ teachers in class as needed, organizing school-wide activities and have also served on the CFFA board for 3 years (2 years as Secretary and 1 year as Vice President).


I believe in CFFA’s goal to provide both academic and extra-curricular activities to our kids to make them well-rounded individuals. To support this, I have run the Math Olympiad program at Chadbourne for 4 years now and with the help of parent volunteers, have administered the five contests to 140 students each year. I have also helped organize several other school-level activities such as Field Day, Variety Show, Bollywood Night, and Drama Showcase. 


Over the past 10 years, I have enjoyed being a part of our Chadbourne community and working with our wonderful office staff, teachers and parents.  Volunteering at school has introduced me to wonderful people and I cherish every opportunity. I value every volunteer at Chadbourne who takes time out of their busy lives to contribute to our school and our kids’ education. I am running for the position of CFFA President and given the opportunity, I would love to work with you all and continue to help the school in my final year at Chadbourne.”


  1. Vice President

-- Priya Velji

“Hello!  I hope all is well with you!

This coming election I am running for Vice President. As Vice President, I want to work on creating an effective system for processing reimbursement requests for future CFFA Secretaries that will be easy on both the teachers and the parent volunteer. In addition, I want to continue with what I have started this year on building a community in our school.


Currently, I'm the CFFA Secretary and the President on the School Site Council. I'm actively involved with the school with the Book Fair, Movie Night, National Geography Bee, and helping out where ever I can.”


-- Amit Gupta

(No statement submitted)


  1. Secretary

-- Allison Tan

“My name is Alison Tan and I am running for CFFA secretary this year. I have three boys: a 4th grader, a 1st grader, and a little one that will be joining the Chadbourne family in a few years. Over the years we have gotten to know many of the families, faculty and teachers at Chadbourne, and they have welcomed us with open arms. I believe that parent participation is extremely important in a child's education. We are extremely fortunate and I am able to stay home and take care of the kids. I feel that getting involved, attending school functions, and being an advocate for not only my children but the other students at our school and district, is one way I can give back to our community.”


  1. Treasurer

-- Isahque Ketekar

“This is Ishaque Ketekar, I would like to help CFFA Board and school again upcoming school year (2019-20) and serve as Treasurer for 2nd year. I have been on CFFA board for 5 years now (President - 2 years, VP - 2 Years and 1 year as a Treasurer) and have good insight on how things work in board. I was also part of School Site Council committee for one year. I work at Amazon Lab 126 as a Sr. Manager Analytics/Software tools.


I would like to focus on bringing more automation in the backend handling of CFFA board positions like Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer(s) and Secretory roles/responsibilities; and make it a rewarding experience for parent volunteers who step up for these roles in future; Also try to be frugal at the same time on spending to achieve these goals. I will have one student at Chadbourne next year as my older son is graduating this year to Hopkins Junior High. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have more questions”


-- Anu Joshi

"I am running for Treasurer Position this year.  I have been volunteered at Chadbourne for last 5+ years with various school activities.  Both my kids Sruti (5th grader) and Omkar (1st grader) take a lot of pride in their school and I want to contribute to the school to take that spirit further.

While working at First Technology Federal Credit Union (not for profit organization), we take volunteering very seriously.  I have been doing 20+ hours of volunteering per year at various organizations such as Second Harvest food bank, Valley Verde etc.  Managing a team at First Tech, I firmly believe in process and discipline that can make most of complicated time consuming tasks fairly simple.  I would love to contribute to Chadbourne with my talents and skills and help take the organization further.

Thank you for the opportunity."

  1. Assistant Treasurer #1

-- Sasanka Kanuparthi

"I am running for Co-Treasurer of the CFFA this year. I haven't been very active in the school activities and have always appreciated seeing other parents voluntarily chime-in despite their busy schedules.  I will have a 5th grader and a 1st grader next year at Chadbourne.   I work with Intel on Silicon Photonics which enables faster data rates in the datacenters. In prior years, I have been involved as a volunteer in the school helping out with Math when my elder one was in third grade and currently do help with grading Sunshine Math assignments for Ms. Mead's class. Math has been my forte since my childhood and hence the inclination towards being the Treasurer. :) More than anything, I just want an opportunity to give back something to the wonderful school and community that are nurturing our kids!"


Best Regards,

Sasanka Kanuparthi


  1. Assistant Treasurer #2

-- Rupesh Nandanwar

"I, Rupesh Nandanwar, am looking forward to be part of the CFFA committee, as an Assistant Treasurer!"


Thanks, Rupesh


  1. Historian

-- Deepa Krishnan

“This is Deepa Krishnan, a parent who is passionate about public education. I have been an active volunteer at school for the past two years. I have also served as a Room Parent and Yearbook Committee Chairperson. I have been on the CFFA board this year (as Historian) and would like to continue for the upcoming year (2019-2020).”