CFFA Meeting October 2, 2018 at 7:00 pm Room 1
Chadbourne Elementary
1 day before

Dear Chadbourne Community,


Please join us for the second CFFA board meeting on October 2, 2018 at 7:00 pm in Room 1. Your concerns, suggestions and issues are welcome to be discussed with the CFFA board and our Principal Mrs. Pedrotti.


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CFFA financials, minutes of past meetings,  activities and board members duties/job descriptions are listed at You can also find CFFA information on Konstella - Committees, More →  Files & Links. We look forward to your participation.


Agenda for CFFA Board Meeting October 2, 2018:


  1. General Meeting call to order - 7:00 pm
  2. President's welcome to parent community
  3. Parent Group Proposals
    • Suggestion Box
    • Nominate a cause in Pioneer Pledge
    • MUR use for lunch area for kids
    • Box Top Collection
    • Movie Night - on select Friday nights
  4. Review and Approve:
    • MoM September 2018 - Approved over email by entire board with concerns over classroom funds sharing and capital projects. Last approval noted - Deepa Krishnan Monday September, 10, 2018 at 8:15 AM.
  5. Principal's update:
    • Back to School Night update(s)
    • Picture Day
    • Classroom funds for PE, Comp. Science and SDC
    • Science Camp updates
    • Technology needs update for the school year
    • PE needs update for the school year
    • Counsellor conference costs
    • School Site Council meeting update
    • Fence Project 2017-2018 update
    • Capital Project(s) 2018-2019
    • General updates
    • Other updates, if any
  6. Teacher Representative Updates
    • Other updates, if any
  7. President's update
    • Back to School Night
    • Online subscriptions
      1. Teacher does not use IXL, Brain-O-Pop, Newsella in classroom but parents want kids to have access at home.
    • CFFA committee member tenure - Proposal to make updates to CFFA bylaws
      1. Tenure of committee chair, co-chair limited to 2 years similar to tenure of board members.
      2. Call for new chairs, co-chairs will be made by the nominating committee similar to call for board nominations.
      3. If no one steps up to particular chair, co-chair role, exception will be made for current chair, co-chair to continue.
      4. In any given year, one parent can take up only one role either on SSC, CFFA Board, CFFA committees. Encourage more parents to participate.
    • CFFA committee member tenure - Proposal to make updates to CFFA bylaws
      1. Need to make it clear in the bylaws, that all votes present in CFFA meeting count.
    • Communication
      1. In most cases, try to consolidate communication to school from CFFA board. Communication to teachers routed through School Secretary and/or School Principal.
    • Other updates, if any
  8. Vice President’s updates, if any
    • Other updates, if any
  9. Standing Committee updates
    • Math Olympiad updates
    • Science Olympiad updates
    • Drama Showcase updates
  10. Treasure’s update
    • Pioneer Pledge status
    • September 28, 2018 Budget Update
    • Other updates, if any
  11. Secretary’s Update
    • Classroom funds status
    • Other updates, if any
  12. Other updates, if any
  13. Adjourn - 8:00 pm



Ganesh Yadav

CFFA President 2018-2019 


Mon, Nov 5 7:00pm

Tue, Dec 4 7:00pm

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