CFFA Meeting
Chadbourne Elementary
1 day before

Dear Chadbourne Community,


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Please join us for the first CFFA board meeting on Sept 4, 2018 at 7:00 pm in Room 1.


CFFA financials, minutes of past meetings,  activities and board members duties/job descriptions are listed at Most of this information is also available on Konstella. You can reach the board at 


Agenda for CFFA Board Meeting Sept 4, 2018:


  1. General Meeting call to order - 7:00 pm
  2. President's Welcome to parent community, CFFA Board,  Introduction of board
  3. Review and Approve:
    1. Notice to CFFA Board 2017-2018 - What is the plan to handover to new board ? July 1st 2018 was last deadline, per bylaws.
    2. MoM June 2018
    3. CFFA Forms - Reimbursement Procedure and Guidelines for Classroom Donations, CFFA Classroom Pioneer Pledge Reimbursement Form, CFFA Classroom Deposits Form, CFFA Technology Purchase Request Form
    4. Copies of bylaws received by all members of the board
  4. Principal's update:
    1. Maze Day update
    2. Parents’ Night update
    3. Back to School Night update(s) - upcoming and Kindergarten
    4. Teacher Reimbursement Guidelines change feedback, suggestions
    5. Technology needs update for the school year
    6. PE needs update for the school year
    7. School Site Council meeting update
    8. Fence Project update
    9. Capital Project(s) 2018-2019
    10. General updates
    11. Other updates, if any
  5. Teacher Representative Updates
    1. and contests - Ms. Bozzo
    2. New CFFA forms and Guidelines feedback
    3. Other updates, if any
  6. CFFA Sponsored programs started in 2018-19 and continuing this year:
    1. Mission EDU program at Chadbourne for Math/Science Olympiad, homework help ( Advait Marathe )
  7. President's update
    1. Teacher Reimbursement Guidelines and other forms - approved over email
    2. CFFA Budget 2018-2019
    3. Back to School Night
    4. New Spirit wear forms sent - Aug 14, 2018
    5. Music Teacher
    6. Classroom subscriptions IXL, Brain-o-Pop, Newsella
    7. FLL Team K.T.L.R. Request  
    8. CFFA committee member tenure
    9. Other updates, if any
  8. Vice President’s updates, if any
    1. Konstella sign-ups
  9. Standing Committee updates
    1. Drama Showcase - budget
  10. Treasurer’s update
    1. Pioneer Pledge status
      1. Online/By Check
      2. Quickbook updates to audience
  11. Secretary’s Update
    1. Classroom funds status
    2. Other updates, if any
  12. Other updates, if any
  13. Adjourn - 8:00 pm



Ganesh Yadav

CFFA President 2018-2019 


Tue, Oct 2 7:00pm

Tue, Nov 6 7:00pm

Tue, Dec 4 7:00pm

Tue, Jan 8 7:00pm

Tue, Feb 5 7:00pm

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