Thu, Mar 12 2:45pm

Good Afternoon 


Thank you for your patience.  I just returned from a meeting where some more information and guidelines have been updated for us at this time.  As with Dr. Wallace's letter that went out last night--by the time you receive this there may have been new guidelines making some of this message obsolete.


Per the district guidelines, you may request to self-quarantine your student and the absence will be excused.  Please contact our attendance office.  As you might imagine Mrs. Viegas is extremely busy and is working as fast and hard as she can to code accurate information for everyone.  You may email her at please include your student's name, grade, and ID#.


All large extracurricular events, assemblies, field trips, concerts, and gatherings over the next 30 days are hereby canceled.  These guidelines could be extended even further per direction from health officials.  


We are in uncharted territory not just in Fremont but the entire world right now.  There are common sense things we can all do to mitigate the risk.  I will send more guidelines as I receive them.


Individual teachers will do their best to provide work and guidance to students that are absent (just as we always do).  As Dr. Wallace's letter stated--please show them some grace during these times as well.  We are all doing our best for the kids and things are not going to be "normal" for a while.


As it was stated things could change and I will keep you informed if and when things do.


Thank you for your patience in all of this.


Mrs. Pedrotti