Call for Nominations - CFFA Board 2024-25 School Year
Mon, Apr 29 11:55am

Greeting Chadbourne families,

We hope you are all doing well!  It is time to start planning for the CFFA Board and CFFA sponsored committees for the next school year, 2024-2025.  Some parents serving on the current board will either complete their 2 year terms or their children will graduate from Chadbourne. We elect our board members every school year and if more than one person signs up for a position we will have an election. We would love for you to sign up and get involved!

We are requesting parents to step forward and fill these positions. Though there are no term limits for CFFA sponsored committees (signups are sent out every year as availability of current volunteers may change) it is always great to see new faces bring in new ideas. This is your chance to make a difference in your school community! 

Here are the expectations for CFFA Board positions:

All roles require good communications skills, a commitment to participating in board conversations,  a commitment for the betterment of the school,  an inclusive attitude, and a professional decency in dealing with discussions.

  1. Most current board members are full-time working parents. You do not need to be in school during school hours to do these jobs except occasionally for some roles. Most of the work can be done remotely.
  2. You will be required to attend a total of 9 CFFA board meetings during the school year. Monthly CFFA meetings take place on the first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm in Room 1 or on Zoom.
  3. This is a one-year commitment and elections are held every year for all positions.
  4. Job descriptions for all board positions are available at -  

To sign-up for a board position, please fill out this google form: 

If we do not have all the positions filled on the Executive Board the following will happen:

  1.  In the absence of a functioning board that manages the approval and disbursement of funds, there will be no CFFA sponsored activities possible such as Trunk or Treat, Math Olympiad, Geography Bee, Variety Show, Bollywood Night etc.
  2. Classroom funds will not be disbursed which means teachers will not be able to buy supplies, do field trips or purchase subscriptions for online learning programs and magazines such as Discovery Education and Scholastic News.

With funding from the District reducing each year, it  is more important to have a complete CFFA Executive board to manage funds from our generous parents. Please step up instead of hoping for someone else to do it!!

Sign ups will close Friday, May 10, 2024. Elections will be held at our last CFFA meeting of the year on Wednesday, May 15th, 2024.  We will keep you updated of any changes.

 Thank you,

 CFFA Board 2023-24