Chadbourne Back To School Night, September 18, 2018, 6 PM
Tue, Sep 18 6:00pm-7:30pm
Chadbourne Elementary
1 day before

Dear Chadbourne Community,


On behalf of all our wonderful teachers, our Principal Mrs. Pedrotti and I would like to invite you to Back To School Night at Chadbourne MUR on September 18, 2018. Back To School Night is a parents/adult only event for grades 1 through 6. It starts at 6 PM . It is your opportunity to connect and start a dialogue with your students’ teacher, understand their teaching and activity plan throughout the school year. Your early contributions to the classrooms and CFFA help your students’ teacher plan their activities through the year early on.


Agenda Back To School Night

5:30 - 6:00 pm - After school and enrichment program(s) demonstration(s)

6:00 - 6:15 pm - Principal/School Counsellors,  CFFA - Welcome/Safety rules at MUR

6.30 - 7:30 pm - Back to School Night in your child's classroom

7:30 - 8:00 pm - After school  and enrichment program(s) demonstration(s) to continue



 CFFA is your parent teacher organization. CFFA funds many activities like art and music, extracurricular activities, technology funding, student activities, supplies, capital projects and many more. You can find the details about your CFFA at and on Konstella committees.

You can find information about CFFA activities, committees, minutes of meetings, financials and volunteering opportunities on Konstella (Committees, Files & Links) as well as on

Your generous contributions in time and money make all CFFA initiatives possible. We urge you to volunteer, even for an hour, if possible.  Please find attached a copy of Pioneer Pledge for your reference. You can find CFFA forms on Kontella via More -> Files & Links -> CFFA Forms 2018-2019 -> “CFFA Pioneer Pledge Form 2018-2019”. We highly encourage online donations though Please use pay by check option if possible to save us a 3% processing fees.



If you have moved and do not wish to receive messages from Konstella, mark these messages as spam in your email client and you will be removed by our Konstella admin.

 All schoolwide and classroom communication is managed through Konstella. We will have few chromebooks setup for you to join our school on Konstella. 

Please "Join a Classroom" by clicking on the link on the left in your Konstella app and assign your student to his/her classroom on Konstella. This will ensure that you will not miss any communication from your students teacher as well as any other school-wide announcements. If you know parents who are new to the community but haven't joined Konstella, this is your chance to send them an "Invite" (also on left when you login) from Konstella to join.

We also ask that each parent update their child’s information in his/her profile. Users without associated student will be removed without notice. Users with fake child information will also be removed. We take these measures to ensure the safety of your student(s).

 If you need help with Konstella, send an email to

Hope to see you at Back To School Night !!



Ganesh Yadav

President CFFA 2018-2019